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I feel like I may have been duped by this clinic and have saved up for no reason I’ve been obsessed by the images on their insta account for months! But finding pages like this makes you do your research before booking, especially about the deposit thing, as I don’t have the money to keep paying them a deposit, but my rota can change each week ( I’d always be able to give 7 days notice)- but I’ve seen loads of things on here about people losing their deposits and needing more than one sitting?

But it doesnt say that on their pictures- some show amazing results after one sitting? So is that achievable or not? I’ve been worried as I don’t have the money to throw away so I scrolled through their Insta page to make sure and I found a picture that worries me- “the boss” Ffyona McKeating as she calls herself on her photos looks completely different when tagged by someone else in a picture? Does anyone actually knows what she looks like?

Cos the pictures are completely different on this? She looks amazing on her pictures and I’d expect her to with all this stuff and the doctors, but then on the one someone else has posted she doesn’t look the same? I can’t say the same for the doctor as he seems to look the same from other pictures I’ve seen, but my understanding is she owns the clinic and isn’t a doctor just admin etc but if she does the pics and edits them of her then does she mess with the lip ones? Or does she not do the pics?

They don’t look like the same person on these pictures I’d really be grateful for advice here from someone who has met her, does she look like the pictures of her they post? I have saved up and really want my lips doing soon?

But if they edit any of their images I can’t afford to lose my money and go to someone else?? Or if it’s not her that does the pics does anyone know who does and if you get a result after 1ml?

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Woah, this is proper cringe - she looks like that wildenstein woman! No wonder she edits her pics, worst advert for cosmetic treatments ever!!

to Anon #1455317

HAHAHHA the first unedited pic is the SPITTING image of Jocelyn Wildenstein!!! I couldn't put my finger on it until you mentioned it!


Also, having unfortunately met Ffyona in person...she does not look like the second highly edited photo. The first one is an accurate representation her actual physical appearance.

I wonder what else she is editing on her IG page. Misleading and would avoid this “clinic”, given that nearly 10 doctors suddenly left last year in Summer over claims of fraud.


It’s BLINDINGLY obvious the second image has been heavily photoshopped. Troll to Margot Robbie lololol. I wonder if this is what happens in client photos too.


Her pictures are edited and fake, not only that she does not use proper filler, her filler is fake, she will take your money, inject fake filler then when you see no result she blames it on your metabolism. Ffyona McKeating is nothing but a crook and needs locking up before she injures someone. Go to a reputable clinic with good aftercare and realistic photos

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