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Buyer beware of this extremely unethical and dodgy UK based injectable clinic. Owner of The Consultant Clinic is Ffyona McKeating ...

please google her name and read about the hundreds of extremely negative and scary experiences people have with this woman and this clinic. SCAM ALERT!!! She is trying to move into US territory as her reputation becomes more and more tarnished in the UK. Really bad person, really unethical practices and a deceptive photoshopping monster.

Misleading vulnerable patients into their inexperienced hands. Be careful.

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“and the board has dropped the case because they know a toll report when they get one” No, the Medical Board of California has not dropped the case. Feel free to contact them online to confirm.

to Anonymous #1611959

I am personally involved in the case. It is ongoing.


Because she’s got away with it in the UK. But here in the US we’re not quite so laid back when it comes to unlicensed medicine.

to Anonymous #1594833

She needs to be reported


I have heard the same thing! How does she think she can get away with this in the US??

to Anonymous #1596350

She won’t get away with it in the US. Far too many big political names in the medical industry here that will kick them right back into the UK without reservation. The doctors working with her should be ashamed of themselves.

to Anonymous #1596456

I have reported Kevin Kalwerisky to the medical board. I hope others do too.

It’s just not right that one of our surgeons allows unlicensed fraudsters to come in from abroad and cause harm to people. It needs to stop.

to Anonymous #1599197

Dr. Eleanor Gats (AKA Dr.

Ellie) also ... young girl recently out of dental school. Now calling herself a master injector??? You have to see the real work she does it’s horrific.

This place is so unethical. They hook patients in by then dissolving everything .. upcharging to dissolve and then make them wait. Then they return for more filler...

more charges and either it comes out terrible or sub par results bc they used belotero and it lasts for a month. I saw a patient of hers.

So disappointed and she feels completely scammed. I don’t blame her.

to Anonymous #1609626

and the board has dropped the case because they know a toll report when they get one.

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