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Rachel's sad post on this thread about her botched lip treatment is no surprise. She was led to believe that Ffyona McKeating is a doctor (so no changing her ways then).

It's also interesting that there are no positive reviews on this page. If I were the owner of The Consultant Clinic, I'd be asking all my satisfied clients to post on here. Ah but.... then they'd see the revelations about the fraud!

So I guess that answers that question. She can't afford to let her clients know this page exists. What really upsets me is the dishonesty of Dr Raphael Mohammed, Dr Melissa McKay and Dr Paul Shone. All of these so called doctors know that patients have and are still are being lied to by Ffyona McKeating, and being potentially harmed.

But they are doing nothing about it. A background search at Companies House may help us understand a little more about why that might be. It was in July / August last year that the "scandal" broke about the fake "Dr" Ffyona, and most of the doctors left. Dr Mohammed didn't leave.

But by a strange coincidence, in September of last year, "Raphael Mohammed" and "Elish Mohammed" (I would guess the wife of the good doctor) were both listed as new Directors of one of "Dr" Ffyona McKeating's limited companies, Momack Ltd. An incentive to keep quiet perhaps??

It definitely smells very fishy indeed, and I'm sure the GMC would be interested! To anyone harmed at this clinic, or to anyone lied to about medical qualifications, please go to both the GMC and the police.

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