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For the avoidance of doubt the Newcastle Clinic was closed due to the relocation of Dr Raphael to the North West. Michael Harding, Clinical Director of the Osborne Clinic, confirms the same in the attached.

The statements made in the "Review" alleging that The Consultant Clinic was "kicked" out of the premises at the Osborne Clinic for lying to patients are false and defamatory in nature.

The Consultant Clinic would welcome anyone who has been advised that this is the case to provide them with detail of who is making these defamatory statements so action can be taken. Please email info@consultantclinic.com

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Read the newest “Dr. Kevin” post on this platform ...

it explains all. So much fraud going on with this place.


Hahahaha... what a ridiculous company

Just block everyone and get rid of all reviews you can't control (Facebook google etc) and just have feefo to continue to try to trick people into using your services

Worst customer service ever and shocking behavior for a business

Obviously trying to hide something...


Hi Consultant Clinic, please tell us why several doctors all appeared to leave at roughly the same time last year?

In case you have forgotten, I am referring to the likes of Dr Vishal Bhardwaj, Dr Charles Daultey, Dr Andrew Harris, Dr Josh Brostoff, Dr Ahmed, Dr Vicann During, Dr Vinnie During, and Dr Pete Rose.

Did they all relocate too?

It would be nice if you addressed this, seeing as you have addressed the Newcastle claims!

to Anonymous #1397934

Dr Charles Daultrey*.

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